Panda Transport Releases Plush Mechanique, Including Transmission As Heard On Grey’s Anatomy

Panda Transport is set to make a big splash in the US this fall, releasing “Plush Mechanique”, their latest LP with a new distribution deal with IODA. With the single “Transmission” already featured on Grey’s Anatomy, it’s just a matter of time before Panda Transport rises to prominence. After seeing success in Europe with multiple hit songs, glowing reviews and prominent placements on television, Panda Transport is pushing into the American market with “Plush Mechanique” and a new EP, “Monorail”, to be released this fall.

“Wondrous music!!!!!! They were so good, so sweet, so darn good! I’m still smiling…really.” -NME

“Plush Mechanique” defines the Panda Transport sound – a melange of electronic and natural instrumentation utilizing vocal harmonies, theremin, flute, vocoder, wooden and wired guitars, handmade percussion, synths and a trolley full of toys and light! A bit more natural sunlight than well- placed studio lighting; it is human music for human people.

Panda Transport was conceived in September of 2006 by Kathy Compton and Thierry Holweck. After meeting and becoming friends via the Information Super Highway, pen pal style, they began work in earnest to record material for the debut album, “Plush Mechanique”.

Kathy wanted to be a pussycat, a witch, or an astronaut; Thierry, alone in a boat or a shepherd in the Alps. She became a chanteuse and writer of jazz and pop; he, a punk electro-experimental musician and virtual faders master. They are polar opposites drawn together by their shared desire to explore the unknown. Their meeting was a twist of fate; their musical creation is a twist of cultures, experiences, influences and personalities.

A by-product of the global village, Panda Transport creates music where jazz phrasing, coupled with engaging melodies is set within a soundscape of harmony and fleeting sounds; astral lounge. Their passion for Voyaging remains central to their bi-continental lifestyle, most compositions being created on the road in Europe or The States, in yurts and ancient silk factories, utilizing a dilapidated laptop with its organs busting out.

Be on the lookout for Panda Transport’s new EP “Monorail” this fall, as well as upcoming tour dates in the US!

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Emotion Electric Bikes As A Lightest Means Of Transport

Before getting yourself an electric mountain bike, you should be familiar with the rules and regulation that you should follow while using these electric mountain bikes. In some countries these electric bikes are against the law.

These electric mountain bikes are generally light weighted to fulfill the purpose for which they are used. They are made by combining three types of metals they are- titanium, steel and aluminum. The price of these bikes depends on the types of metal they are made of. The cheapest being steel and the costliest metal is titanium.

The battery packages and electric motor of the bike are parts that are upgradable. If you have an intention of travelling at a faster speed then, you can increase the power and size of your bike. You can also go for advanced lithium battery if you don”t want to recharge your battery regularly. If you buy an extra battery pack, then you can use it as a backup battery when your battery gets discharged.

Other than this, if you want an electric bike, then you can go for BH emotions electric bikes. BH stands for “Beistegui Hermanous”. It is a Spanish company that has been creating bicycles for more than a century. This company is really innovative. It always comes up with a technology which is very reliable. Their bikes are stiff, light and durable. Not only this, they come at a cheap and affordable cost. Bikes generally weigh 24-25 kg and also include battery.

As these bikes are made up of light frames and aluminum, they are very easy to handle. You can always go for emotions electric bike with a cross bar which is produced by leading industry BH. These electric bikes can be considered as a greenest and cheap means of transportation. Recently Consumer Product Safety Commission has also accepted it. By using an electric bike you can move freely.

Some of the bikes are also folding and thus it adds to your convenience. If you are a college going person then folding electric bikes can be a great help for you. These bikes are really cost effective and are very efficient in serving their purpose.

Commercial Trucking Insurance Essential for a transport business

We all know that insurance is some type of a state determined penalty for those individuals, who have a habit of continuously breaking the laws of the state’s motorists. So you must go for insurance, just after purchasing a vehicle. In spite of a higher premium rate in the SR22 auto insurance, they give a much more coverage than a cheaper policy could. But the reality is that it offers the same amount of coverage as an ordinary policy. The difference is that it works as a forced policy requirement by the court room. You may require finding an individual service provider.

There are a number of companies in the market offering insurance for the commercial vehicles. This is known as Commercial trucking insurance, which provides insurance help for a variety of commercial vehicles in the market. There are a range of factors that determine the amount of premium to be paid to be paid as well as various insurance plans. These insurance plans become very much effective to the new commercial vehicles. The most important factors that determine the level of truck insurance is the probability of accidents and it is combined with risk of finances and also the risk of goods being transported. A place with a much better infrastructure can earn a good premium for the particular insurance company.

A forced policy requirement by the court room, you will have to find an independent insurance to go on for the SR22 auto insurance. People find a law to be unjust and so they will naturally protest and may give various types of reasons. They are worried if they are right or wrong, people will choose not to purchase because sometimes even the lowest policy rates in the market may proved to be a bit higher to them. They may not able to afford the higher rate of premiums of it. But it is not at all safe to drive around without this insurance policy, since it may become dangerous if you had an accident.

The age of the drivers play a much vital role in determining the level of truck insurance to go for. The Commercial trucking insurance is solely dependent on the age of the drivers, in respect of the premium to be paid for the vehicle. The process of the trucking insurance involves the use of experience as the principal deciding factor. Drivers with good experience have a much lesser risk of meeting an accident. The criteria for insurance include the number of working years experience and also the lesser amount of meeting an accident. The working years are a very much important factor in this regard. The increased amount of insurance amount and the premium could be lessened as far as the experience of the driver is concerned.SR22 auto insurance, Commercial trucking insurance

Chennai State Transport Corporation Booking Open Online Now

Snap up the latest grub of SETC online booking. SETC stands for Chennai State Express Transport Corporation. Its preferred most by the people of Chennai and its abutting states of Andhra, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. Get online for SETC ticket booking. Its low-cost public service caters the large segment of south Indian punters looking lower bus fare. Get online for SETC booking and information about its schedule and timings. SETC promotes online booking at an incredible pace.

Get down to SETC online ticket booking. It opens all hours and gives round the clock service that means 24X7, means 24 hours a day, seven days a week. SETC online booking can be done through some of their authorized agents also. Various private bus operators are also offering increasingly competitive rates these days. You can cash in on this segment with SETC. Book:
City and Suburban services
Chennai Sarige
Airavat Volvo
Meghadoot AC
Semi Deluxe services
Semi Deluxe services
Mayura AC
Sheetal AC
Ambari AC

Unquestionably, technology works on the same manner as people live, learn, play and labour. Chennai State Road Transportation Corporation turns influx of travellers towards its online booking in the similar fashion. It has been developed to give potential benefits. You are provided all information related to SETC buses and well about its schedule and timing right online. Its online ticket booking procedure is free for any charge. Passengers searching SETC buses can use it for various purposes. Give a tender touch to get huge database of SETC buses.

SETC rolls out an important online booking programme. Its unique plan to get your bus booking done online. Its a knowledge-based internet-savvy society where a few are privileged to get online, yet SETC expects to widen it aura. SETC online booking brings new opportunities for bus travellers to make their travel best.

Ccna Exam Prep. Understanding The Transport Layer And Port Numbers Tutorial

This is another CCNA exam preparation tutorial about the Transport Layer of the TCP/IP suite. Understanding the purpose and functionality of the Transport Layer (Layer 4 in the OSI model) is fundamental for understanding how data is transmitted in network environments.

The Transport Layer resides between Application and Network layers and has the critical role of providing communication services directly to the application processes running on different hosts. As message data arrives from an Application Layer to the Transport Layer, the latter places a header on the data in order to identify from which application the data was received. This Transport Layer header contains a Source Port Number and a Destination Port Number. The Port Numbers identify the application from which the data was received or is destined to. Read more on port numbers later in this article.

Another role of the Transport Layer is to provide reliable communication and flow control. The two most well known protocols that work in the Transport Layer are TCP and UDP. TCP is a connection-oriented reliable protocol that uses flow control mechanisms and acknowledged data delivery to offer reliable communication. UDP on the other hand is a connectionless and unacknowledged protocol. Now, the Network Layer (IP layer 3), which is below the Transport Layer and is responsible to route packets between hosts, does not offer reliability for data delivery. That is why we use TCP on top of IP (hence the TCP/IP suite) in order to provide reliable and error free data flow communication.

As we mentioned above, the Transport Layer uses Port Numbers to differentiate between various applications that might need communication services. You should be ready to get questions in the CCNA exam regarding port numbers and their association with different applications. You should know that port numbers below 1024 are reserved for several well-known applications. Some examples are shown below:

— FTP (TCP Port 21)
— Telnet (TCP port 23)
— SMTP email (TCP port 25)
— POP3 email (TCP port 110)
— DNS (TCP or UDP port 53)
— TFTP (UDP port 69)
— SNMP (UDP port 161)
— RIP (UDP port 520)

The car transport company is responsible for carrying your car

Best car transport company always accepts the load moving with care and attention. Must have a team of professional drivers who can handle your valuable vehicle in various climates and environments. If you’re investing time and money put motivation in getting good service, you know you deserve it. Transportation of cars can save you time, money and headaches.

The car transport company is responsible for carrying their car from one place to another safely and protected. It is important that you choose the company that provides a quality service and economical. It is good to use an experienced and it is also necessary to check if registered in the Department of Transportation. Insurance coverage and costs change from one company to another and it is best to get information from some carriers of cars on the market before settling on one. Talk to your friends, surf the Internet and talking to some companies Transportation will give a clear picture and help you find the best car transport company to move his.

It is our responsibility to choose equipment that meets safety standards for the transport of cars as safety is very important. Only experts can handle that responsibility. There are two types of hauling cars available: indoor and outdoor transportation.. The container carrying the vehicle is covered and gives greater protection to the vehicle. Although expensive compared to an open, protects your vehicle from weather and road hazards. You can have ramps for wheeled vehicles and cranes (Cranes) for inoperable.

You can see a variety of trailers, car transport, such as those with up to six cars locked, four and two cars without stacking. Different car trailers are available for bigger cars. Car Transport found. As the name suggests, the container carrying the vehicle is discovered and can be affected by weather conditions. It is cheaper compared to the covered car transport. It’s good to have the details of the length and weight of the vehicle to inform and can be moved properly. This is to ensure that the weight is within the specifications of the loads carried. Be careful about the insurance coverage offered.

Always go for the best insurance plan that takes over the damage caused by the carrier while it is moving your car. Always look for a company with high reputation, impeccable public certificate, because they know the art of adding your name on the list of satisfied customers. A good Best car transport company always accepts the load moving with care and attention. Must have a team of professional drivers who can handle your valuable vehicle in various climates and environments. If you’re investing time and money put motivation in getting good service, you know you deserve it. Transportation of cars can save you time, money and headaches.

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Water Transport Popular Alibaug To Mumbai

Alibaug is a 300-year-old seaside town in the Konkani region of Maharashtra. The origin of the town, also known as Shreebag, goes back to 17th century. The earlier name of Alibaug was Kulaba. It later came to be known as Alibaug after Ali Shah Bawa, a gardener.

Khanderi Fort, 300-year-old Kolaba Fort (constructed by Maratha warrior Shivaji), Revdanda Fort, Undheri Fort, Brahma Kund, Kolaba Beach, Akshi Beach, Kihim beach, Kashid beach, Mandwa Beach, Nagaon Beach and the Magnetic Observatory are among the popular sightseeing destinations in Alibaug.

The distance from Alibaug to Mumbai is about 110 km. Mumbai, commercial capital of India, was known as Bombay till sometime ago. Mumbai houses several heritage sites, particularly Gateway of India.

Other important tourist destinations in Mumbai are Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Flora Fountain, Essel World, Water Kingdom, Prince of Wales Museum, Nehru Planetarium, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai Zoo, Chowpatty Beach, Juhu Beach, Vihar Lake, Hanging Gardens, Bandra-Worli Sea Link, Nariman Point, Marine Drive, Mahalaxmi Temple, Siddhivinayak Temple, Haji Ali Mosque, Film City, Jogeshwari Caves, Mahalaxmi Race Course and Elephanta Island.

Mumbai is well connected with Alibaug by rail, sea and road. There is no airport at Alibaug. Konkan Railway trains to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai stop at Pen, which serves as the closest railway station to Alibaug. Pen railway station is situated at 28 km from Alibaug. Bus, autorickshaw or taxi is available at Alibaug to travel to Pen. Several trains are passing through Pen to Mumbai.

The best way to travel from Alibaug to Mumbai is, however, by boats and ferries. Ferries are available at Mandwa, situated at19 km from Alibaug, to travel to Gateway of India at regular intervals. Mandwa can be reached from Alibaug by bus, taxi or autorickshaw. The journey from Mandwa to Gateway of India by ferry takes around 90 minutes only.

Ferries are also available at regular intervals at Revas (23 km from Alibaug) to travel to Gateway of India. A ferry can accommodate about 110 passengers. Reservation facilities are available to travel by ferry from Revas to Gateway of India and back. Refreshments are available in the ferry. Bus service is available for passengers to travel to Revas from Alibaug.

Tourists can also travel from Alibaug to Mumbai by road. Nearly 40 state transport buses, besides many private buses, run from Alibaug to Mumbai (Thane and other places) at regular intervals. On the other hand, taxi cabs charge a fare of not less than Rs1600 for the one-way journey. The road route passes through (distance from Alibaug in kilometres in brackets) Samarth Nagar (3 km), Shahabai (19 km), Pen (31 km), Govirli (38 km), Chirnar (53 km), Panvel (73 km), Mankhurd (101 km) and Mumbai (114).